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Every marriage starts off with the hope that in good times and bad, the couple will be there for each other. Unfortunately sometimes, relationships sour to such an extent that any attempt at setting things right seems futile and the only thing left to do is for each to go in a different way.

If you think so of your own marriage as well, watch out for the following ten signs which may signal that the relationship is over and it is best to move on.

9You no longer trust your spouse

Even more than romantic love and sexual desire, mutual trust and respect are the foundations on which a successful marriage is built and often the first signs of a tottering marriage is a crack in this base structure.

So if you find yourself double-checking your spouse’s schedule and whereabouts, spying into his/her papers, receipts and cell phone, then these are signs of a serious trust deficit in your marriage.

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And when there is no mutual faith or trust, it is well nigh for a couple to pull along together.


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